Facing Domestic Violence? Contact a Sarasota Family Lawyer Immediately

If you are in an immediate domestic violence situation, we encourage you to call Florida’s domestic violence hotline right away: 1-800-500-1119. From there, a Sarasota family
Sarasota family lawyer
is one of the most helpful resources as you begin to navigate the legal implications of this type of incident. Whether you are in need of a protection from abuse order or would like to establish an initial custody determination for your children, you should undoubtedly seek the services of a compassionate legal advocate.

Domestic Violence Under Florida Law
Domestic violence is a specially defined type of assault perpetrated against a victim who maintains a close relationship with the attacker. Not every assault falls within the definition of domestic violence; however the term refers to a wide variety of assaultive conduct, including:

  • Aggravated assault;
  • Battery & aggravated battery;
  • Sexual assault & battery;
  • Stalking;
  • Kidnapping;
  • False imprisonment; and
  • Any criminal offense resulting in physical injury or death of a family member.

In order for the domestic violence law to apply, the assault must be against a person within the definition of “family member” or “household member.” Under current Florida laws, this definition includes the following individuals:

  • Spouse or former spouse;
  • Persons related by blood or marriage;
  • Persons living together as a family or those who have lived together in the past as a family; and
  • Co-parents of a child, regardless of whether they have been married.

The law also attaches a caveat to the definition of “family member” or “household member” in that they either must be currently living together or have in the past lived together in the same single dwelling; this does not apply to co-parents, however.

If you believe your situation meets the above-listed criteria under Florida’s domestic violence laws, we urge you to protect yourself, your family and your rights, contact an attorney right away.

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If you are facing unspeakable violence, we encourage you to come forward immediately and reach out to a Sarasota family lawyer for help. To speak to a compassionate, non-judgmental lawyer in the Sarasota area, call Liz Alpert at Alpert Law, P.A. at 941.954.1700.