Keeping Children Protected

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In this blog, a family attorney in Sarasota discusses how children can and should be shielded from the damage that the divorce of their parents can cause.

Overlooked by the System
While children are and ought to be of primary importance to their parents, their position with the court is less central. If their safety or welfare is not in jeopardy, the court is unlikely to pay much attention to them during the divorce proceedings beyond settling such issues as custody or alimony.

Children Are Survivors
It has long been known that children are tougher than they seem. They can recover from the trauma of the dissolution of their parents’ marriage as long as they are properly considered while the case is in progress. Part of this consideration is exclusion from the circumstances surrounding the divorce.

A divorce separates a married couple. They, and not their children, are the primary participants. At no time should children be forced or dragged into the proceedings as though they had any part in the conflict that separated the couple. Arguments, recriminations, accusations and other such outbursts should not take place in the children’s presence, if at all. This places children squarely between their parents, possibly forcing them to take sides. Further, in no way should children be urged to “report” to one parent what the other says or does, and a child’s affections should never be held over the head of a parent as a means of coercion or any kind of threat. Finally and above all, it is vital that parents remember that these are their children, not pawns to be used as part of a divorce procedure.

Seek Experienced Counsel
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