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How to Arrange Contact Schedules for Young Children After a Divorce

Clients of a Sarasota family law attorney often ask for advice about creating a contact schedule with children after the divorce.

For children, especially younger children, it’s important to formulate a consistent contact schedule after a divorce. The following strategies should be followed depending on the age of the children:

Maintain consistency for babies up to 18 months.

It’s important to keep the contact shorter but to have them happen more often. Both parents should strive to have similar atmospheres at each home. When babysitters are needed, consistency is key there too. Keep the same bathing, eating and bedtime schedules. Use the same baby food.

From age 18 months to three-years-old, the goal is a structured method of care.

For such practices as toilet training, both parents should agree on its consistency. All routines must be the same from one home to the other. Because children are inherently dependent and require constant nurturing at a young age in order to develop into healthy and happy teenagers and adults, it is absolutely vital to maintain a loving and structured environment at all times. This lets the child know that they are safe and loved.

Be predictable and provide positive reinforcement as to the next visit for children age three to five.

Both parents should keep a calendar with highlights detailing when the next visit will be with each parent. Don’t change the schedule unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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