Considerations in Creating Contact Schedules

Sarasota divorce attorneysSarasota divorce attorneys work with their clients in order to develop a contact schedule that will allow them to have an appropriate amount of time with each child. While crafting your own contact schedule, your Sarasota divorce attorney may bring up the following considerations.

Parent Schedules and Locations

For the contact schedule to work, each parent’s work schedule and their place of residence must be considered. Scheduling parenting time with a parent who is working during most of those hours is likely not a solid plan because neither parent is getting quality time with the children.

Extracurricular Activities

The children’s extracurricular activities, the distance between the parents’ homes and the school and the distance between the homes and places where extracurricular activities should also be considered. Parents may be able to cooperate and agree on what extracurricular activities their children should participate in.

Time to Adjust

Children need some transition time between one home and the other. An effective contact schedule will build in preparation time, allowing for more time when the child will be gone from the home for an extended stay with the other parent.

Conflict Resolution

A parenting plan should establish rules to help avoid potential conflict. Regardless of the allotment of time, it is important for both parents to work together to minimize conflict. Having continuity between households can also help minimize conflict by celebrating holiday traditions in the same manner, participating in the same hobbies and reading the same bedtime stories.


The issue of relocation may not be included in a contact schedule. When one parent chooses to relocate a far distance away, this decision will have an inevitable impact on the child and the contact plan. Both parents should consider the best interests of the child when considering the issue of relocation. If a parent is concerned that the other parent may relocate, he or she should discuss this possibility with a Sarasota divorce attorney early in the process so that proper interventions can be considered and taken.

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