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In any divorce involving minor children, the children’s best interests must be a top priority. Not only is this the guiding principle for Florida court decisions, but it is also my guiding principle as a Sarasota child custody attorney. Under most circumstances, everyone involved must work toward an arrangement that allows continued close relationships with both parents.

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Understanding Your Rights and Advancing Your Goals

As in all family law matters, understanding your child custody and visitation rights is a vital step. We will patiently explain relevant Florida law and listen closely to fully understand your goals. We can then form a realistic yet aggressive strategy to make your case for:

  • Sole physical custody, if you believe this is best for your children
  • A legal custody arrangement that enables your desired level of decision-making input on issues such as education and medical care
  • A visitation/parenting time schedule that protects your children and provides the level of involvement you want and deserve

Negotiations Focused on Your Children’s Well-Being and Stability

An out-of-court divorce settlement, whether through traditional legal methods or the collaborative divorce process, has many advantages. This can be especially beneficial when children are involved. If you and your divorcing spouse are able to reach agreement through reasonable compromise, you can avoid the sometimes-unpleasant consequences and added expense associated with letting the court decide these important personal issues. A Sarasota child custody attorney can help represent you during these difficult times.

Fighting for Custody and Visitation Rights When Necessary

Unfortunately, some custody disputes are difficult and bitter, with anger over other issues influencing the parties’ position on this aspect of the divorce. We work toward finding common ground wherever possible – preferably in both parents’ wishes for their children’s stability and well-being. Whether you are the best person to be the primary custodial parent or you are negotiating for substantial parenting time, we know how to build your case.

We will work hard to protect your rights because we know how critical the outcomes of child custody decisions are for our clients. We can also advise you on your legal rights and obligations regarding relocation and other issues that come up after your divorce. Please call 941.954.1700 or e-mail us to arrange a consultation