Sarasota Contested & Uncontested Divorce Attorneys

Sarasota Area Divorce Lawyer

Whether you are considering divorce or your spouse has filed for divorce from you, we are prepared to help you evaluate your legal options and next steps. In addition, it is common for people to reach a point in their divorce case when they must hire a different attorney to be comfortable and make progress. In any of these situations, we encourage you to contact us for a thorough consultation and interactive discussion.

Negotiation Whenever Possible, Aggressive Litigation If Necessary

Our first steps in any divorce case is to understand your goals and priorities, as well as your perspective on how you would like the case to proceed. In our practice, we encourage and promote negotiation of an out-of-court settlement whenever possible. If it becomes apparent that toughness and tenacity in court will be necessary to get a favorable outcome for you, we will build your case accordingly and deliver exactly those qualities.

Uncontested Divorce Requires Prior Agreement on All Issues

Uncontested divorce is often a cost-saving and stress-saving option for divorcing couples who have reached agreement on all major issues, including child custody and property division. We can represent you – but not both you and your spouse – in an uncontested divorce, preparing a legal settlement agreement and handling all filing procedures. Although you still must appear in court, an uncontested divorce allows you to avoid the mandatory financial disclosure necessary for filing any contested divorce.

If there are still issues to be resolved, but both parties are willing to communicate respectfully and work in good faith towards resolution, you may want to consider a collaborative divorce.

Determined, Business-Savvy Counsel for You in a Contested Divorce

Florida is essentially a “no fault” state, allowing irreconcilable differences as grounds for divorce. Despite this innocuous and non-threatening language, many divorces are hotly disputed and difficult to resolve. Whether your disputes are over spousal maintenance, child custody and visitation, property division or other components of your settlement, we will take the time to understand your perspective and help you assess likely outcomes.

Our business background and analytical strengths are assets for clients who need research, economic knowledge and determination on their side to reach a favorable financial settlement. We are committed to finding hidden assets, establishing your ownership of non-marital property, documenting the opposing party’s income and taking other steps needed to pursue your interests. Please contact us today to discuss property valuation strategies and other issues in your contested divorce case.