Sarasota Paternity Issues Attorneys

Sarasota, Florida, Attorney for Your Paternity Case

As a full-service Florida family law attorney, we are available to assist individuals with a range of issues involving children of unmarried parents. The laws applicable to paternity cases are not always well understood, and making assumptions or decisions without consulting a knowledgeable attorney is risky. You can contact us for legal representation if you are:

  • A mother considering filing a paternity petition or lawsuit in order to obtain child support
  • A father with a desire to assert and exercise your paternal rights, including rights to visitation or decision-making input
  • A male facing a paternity suit, whether or not you believe you are the biological father of the child

As in any other family law matter, we believe solid education on your legal rights is critical in any paternity case. Important considerations under Florida law include:

  • Either the mother or possible father can request a genetic test to establish or disprove biological paternity
  • Establishing paternity enables either parent – including a male willing to be a single father – to seek a court order for custody and/or visitation
  • After paternity is established, Florida courts may issue child support orders that are as binding and enforceable as those arising out of divorce, including stipulations regarding obtaining medical insurance for the child

There is no strict statute of limitations covering paternity. In fact, we have been involved in and made aware of numerous cases where paternity suits were filed regarding children in their teens. It is important to seek capable representation if are interested in bringing a paternity suit or you are facing one.

Liz Alpert Law Can Help You Through Challenging Legal Processes

We are compassionate, understanding people who listen. We are also committed lawyers. Whatever paternity issues you face, we believe you should thoroughly understand your legal rights, options, and all possible consequences before you take any action. If you need representation in a paternity case in the Sarasota, Tampa or Bradenton areas, please contact us.