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A Divorce Lawyer Handling Complex Property Division

Financial change is a certainty in almost every divorce. Your ability to attain financial justice often depends on the diligence and resourcefulness of your lawyer. Please contact us today if property valuation or division may be contested issues in your West Coast of Florida divorce.

Recognizing the Importance of Your Property Rights

The inability to reach an agreement on how property and assets will be divided is a cause of many difficult, protracted divorce cases. Put simply, in many cases the more wealth we have, the more likely we are to fight over it – fairly or otherwise.

We are determined to work hard to obtain and preserve your rightful share of marital property. Our laws require full disclosure of income and assets in a contested divorce case, and we will apply all legal means available to make sure that these laws are applied equally.

The Necessary Focus on Analysis, Disclosure and Legal Action

Our strong business education and background, along with a firm commitment to our clients’ full satisfaction, is a powerful asset when:

  • Your divorce case involves high-value property
  • Accurate valuation of complex assets such as retirement accounts, stocks and securities will be critical
  • Your spouse is resisting full disclosure and equitable division of your marital property – or is hiding income and assets as part of what we call SIDS, for “sudden income deficiency syndrome
  • Your interest in a closely-held family business may be disputed

Complex property division issues commonly arise, and we will need to be prepared to deal with each of them. We believe in approaching your overall property situation analytically and thoroughly, making every effort to keep you in the strongest possible negotiating position to achieve your goals.

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