Five Ways to Encourage a Happier New Year

With the new year rapidly approaching, many of us are seeking ways to improve ourselves.


Being grateful for what we have reminds us we are lucky to have a good starting point, but one way to be happier is to Express Gratitude- feeling gratitude is good, but share it by letting others know how thankful you are to have them in your life.  It’s amazing what a simple smile and “Thank You,” can do to improve someone else’s day, as well as your own.

And speaking of smiling, Smile More- it’s been scientifically proven; the physical act of smiling can help you become happier. That “fake it ‘til you make it” attitude your great aunt espoused does work!

But if you’re still overwhelmed, Slow Down- multitasking doesn’t work for most people, and even if you can do it, you are likely stressing out yourself and those around you. For the new year, take time to focus on the task at hand, whether it’s tying a child’s shoelace or tackling a big project at work.  Those who live in the moment are happier than those constantly chasing shadows.

If you are going to chase things, Set Priorities- take time to discover what is important to you and use that knowledge to prioritize your activities.  Decluttering is all the rage, but it doesn’t have to be limited to closets and coffee tables.  Look at your calendar and be sure that trivial items aren’t eating up a disproportionate amount of your valuable time.

 And finally, No Resolutions- nobody needs more self-imposed pressure!  If you are ready to make a change, set reasonable goals for yourself and make concrete plans for achieving those goals.  Instead of, “I’m going to eat better,” maybe go with, “I’m going to eat more fruits and vegetables by making a point of having at least six servings each day.”


Wishing you comfort, joy & prosperity in the new year to come!

Happy 2017!

Liz, Maureen, Glenda & Shelley

Alpert & Chiofalo, P.A.