Liz Discusses Reinventing Her Life

Last month, Sarasota Family Law Attorney Liz Alpert sat down with WSRQ Radio Host Melinda Lee on her show, “What’s New SRQ”.  Liz described reinventing her life and the changes that brought her to the place where, in her 50’s, she was able to start a new career and open her own law practice.

Liz’s message is that anyone can empower his or herself to reinvent their life:  “It takes action, it takes effort, but it’s so worth it.”  In the interview, Liz describes her journey, and how, as a Family Law Attorney, she counsels her clients to prepare for their life after divorce.

Liz encourages her Family Law clients to take stock of their strengths, and to look at where their passion lies.  “If you pursue your passion, the money follows.”  Liz advises everyone to look at what they can do to take care of themselves, and to plan for growth and change.

You can listen to the interview here:

Melinda Lee- What’s New SRQ? – 5-11-2016

Liz’s interview starts at 23:10.


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WSRQ – Radio Interview Melinda Lee and Liz Alpert- Reinventing Yourself.