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Your Legal Guide Throughout Collaborative Divorce

Last updated on June 1, 2021

Recognition of the pain and stress caused by the divorce process has led to various movements focused on better ways to reach settlements out of court. Collaborative divorce is one of these movements. Collaborative divorce is not for everyone, but it can be the right choice for couples who are able to set aside some of their hurt and anger in the interest of reaching an agreement.

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If Communication Is Still Possible, Collaborative Divorce May Be For You

The collaborative divorce process begins with the two parties consulting separate attorneys and making an informed decision that they both want to resolve their case through discussion and problem-solving. Collaborative divorce may work for you if both parties are:

  • Mutually aware of issues that require resolution – such as property division or some aspects of child custody and visitation – but believe common ground can be reached with guidance from legal counsel
  • Willing to sign an agreement stating they will work in good faith to reach a settlement, through full financial disclosure and openness to compromise
  • Trusting and confident enough in their lawyers to accept counsel, including recommendations that a therapist or other professionals be brought into the process
  • Educated properly on the ground rules and applicable law, including the fact that if negotiations fail, both attorneys must withdraw and the parties will need to hire different counsel

Collaborative Law Involves Much More Than Legal Negotiations

Collaborative divorce involves a method and process that go beyond the typical negotiations between attorneys in a divorce that is contested. For couples who want to reach an amicable settlement focused on getting everyone – including any children – through the process in the best shape possible, I believe collaborative divorce is an excellent choice. In fact, I actively work to form a professional collaborative law group in the Sarasota area.

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Although the involvement of attorneys and other professionals does involve costs, a successful collaborative divorce effort is likely to save both parties thousands of dollars in comparison to full-blown divorce litigation. If you believe collaborative divorce may be right for you, contact me today for a consultation. Call 941-584-9501 or send me an email.