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Updating Your Estate Plan After Your Divorce

Last updated on June 8, 2022

Divorce almost always creates significant financial change and the need for many adjustments. In my family law practice, Alpert Law, P.A., I emphasize the importance of thinking about the future. This includes striving to help my clients make good decisions about life after divorce. I can draft wills and offer other essential estate planning services for you, and I encourage you to contact me, attorney Liz Alpert, if you have needs in this area.

Wills, Trusts, Powers Of Attorney And Health Care Directives

Among the family law services I capably and confidently provide to you are:

  • Drafting a will that ensures your property and assets will be passed on to children or other heirs according to your wishes
  • Developing a trust that will enable your heirs to avoid the lengthy probate process and public disclosure requirements
  • Providing a durable power of attorney to ensure a person you trust will make decisions in the event of your death or incapacitation
  • Providing a sound legal will or advanced health care directive along with a health care power of attorney in order to document your wishes regarding life support and decision-making should you develop an incapacitating illness or injury

My Focus Is On Your Needs And Interests

As in my divorce and other family law work, I will focus on your specific situation and estate planning needs. I will help you consider factors and contingencies that may not occur to you otherwise. There are many advantages to working with a knowledgeable, caring attorney, rather than using “do-it-yourself” forms for the critical elements of your estate planning.

Consult Me As Soon As Possible

I am committed to listening patiently to clients’ needs and taking the time to provide responsive, diligent service. If you need representation in a divorce or another family law matter or would like help with your will and other estate planning needs, I encourage you to contact my Sarasota office today. To reach me, call 941-584-9501 or send me an email.