Sarasota divorce attorney

Sarasota Family Attorney offers Nine Ways to Avoid Conflict

Divorce is one of the most emotionally trying times in a person’s life. It can be very difficult to navigate your way through a divorce without coming into conflict with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. A Sarasota family attorney suggests the following tips for minimizing arguments:

  1. Take a break

    If the issue is a significant one and the discussion is becoming heated, you could suggest a 24-hour ‘cool-down’ period to consider potential solutions.

  2. Brainstorm

    Try to come up with as many possible solutions as you can. This will show your willingness to find an answer and to negotiate.

  3. Be willing to compromise

    You can trade favors. You could agree to do something your ex wants in exchange for something that you want.

  4. Be willing to apologize

    You should prepare yourself to offer an apology, whether or not you are at fault. Offering an apology can go a long way toward resolving a conflict.

  5. Change direction

    If you notice your spouse speaking more loudly and quickly, you should switch gears and start speaking more slowly and quietly. This should help to reduce the tension.

  6. Hedge your bets

    You can soften your language by hedging. For example, you could begin sentences with phrases like: “Maybe you could____,” or “Maybe we could try___.”

  7. Lead with a positive

    If you need to say something negative or ask for something, try sandwiching your request between two positives. For example, you could thank your spouse for something he or she has done for you and follow by re-affirming your appreciation.

  8. Restate your spouse’s position

    Rephrase your spouse’s statement to demonstrate that you are listening. For instance, you could say, “What you are asking for is ________.”

  9. Take your share of the blame

    Express your willingness to accept your share of the conflict and let your spouse know that you want to resolve the issue.

These techniques will help you navigate the difficult process of negotiating a divorce agreement while keeping conflict to a minimum. A Sarasota family attorney may also be able to help you manage the divorce process while protecting your interests. Please call the office of Liz Alpert at Alpert Law, P.A., at 941.954.1700, to schedule a private consultation.