Five Divorce Mistakes That Delay a Settlement

Sarasota divorce attorneyA spirit of cooperation between you and your spouse can facilitate the settlement process. A Sarasota divorce lawyer can assist both parties in coming to a consensus.

A Sarasota Divorce Lawyer Urges Both Parties to Work Together to Achieve Settlement

You might be surprised to hear that 95 percent of divorce cases end with a settlement. And, although many divorces originate from highly contested issues, only a fraction of them will ever go through a trial to reach a resolution. In fact, attaining a timely settlement in your divorce can be a matter of the two parties setting aside personal feelings to agree on a result that is mutually beneficial. To that end, it will be crucial for you to avoid making these very common mistakes that are obstacles to a smooth settlement.

Keeping Your Spouse in the Dark about Preparations

You will be responsible for preparing financial records and taking stock of your property, whether you are represented by an attorney or not. What’s important is that you keep your spouse informed about any preparation. Any details you try to conceal will be discovered eventually, and your spouse will have no reason to trust you from that point on.

Not Being Forward about Your Divorce Intention

If you are the one who wants the divorce, you must make your intentions known to the other spouse. If he or she discovers your divorce plans through your actions or during fights, your spouse will take all measures to make sure that you aren’t hiding anything else. You may have to submit all documents to his or her attorney for verification. Secrecy of any kind is a surefire way to increase the cost of divorce.

Making Offensive Remarks

If you have children, a divorce does not completely sever your connection with your spouse. Both of you will assume a new form of relationship for the children, and cooperation will be key. For their sake, avoid sowing seeds of conflict such as making nasty remarks to one another.


Contrary to what you may believe, confessing to past indiscretion can be counter-productive and even selfish. While you may feel relieved about unburdening your sense of guilt, your spouse will be stunned and angered. Consider the other spouse’s feelings and your own motives before confessing to shocking news like a secret affair.

A Sarasota divorce lawyer will offer legal advice on the best way to manage your divorce and cooperate with your spouse. For an initial consultation with a knowledgeable attorney, please call the law offices of attorney Liz Alpert at Alpert Law, P.A. at 941.954.1700.