Sarasota Modification & Enforcement Attorney

Sarasota Lawyer Handling Post-divorce Issues

Before your divorce is finalized, it is best to contest important issues and work toward a favorable settlement.  However, you do have legal recourse and can seek a modification if circumstances change afterward. Please contact us about your need to modify orders in your divorce decree or to compel an ex-spouse to comply with an order.

Modification of Custody, Support or Maintenance Orders

Our office is a full-service family law practice.  Our team has substantial experience helping clients obtain post-judgment modifications of orders and terms for:

  • Child custody and visitation, including relocating with your children
  • Child support or spousal maintenance/alimony

Many life changes after divorce can impact your fundamental needs.  Your children’s needs or your former spouse’s ability to pay, may require modification of child support and maintenance orders. Generally speaking, to modify an order, we will need to identify and document an involuntary and substantial change in circumstances, such as:

  • An employment change for either party, such as a job loss or significant promotion
  • The onset of a serious illness or other impairment
  • Other events that substantially change either parties’ financial resources or children’s needs

Relocation and Visitation Changes

Florida has a specific statute covering relocation of children. Whether you are a “custodial” parent who wants to move your children, or a secondary parent who has received notice from your ex-spouse, it can be critical for you to consult a qualified family law attorney quickly.

We know the pressures and uncertainty created by such a major life change makes planning very difficult. So it is very important for your divorce lawyer to help you think about the future. Often, a parent may regret visitation arrangements accepted under duress and want more time with children than their judgment provides. We can explain your options and the requirements in this situation.

Helping You Through All Necessary Legal Processes

Whatever your current needs and circumstances, we can often assess your likelihood of success in obtaining a modification based on our initial consultation. As in divorce itself, it may be possible to reach agreement with your ex-spouse prior to having the matter formalized in court. Please contact us for caring counsel and able representation.